Superman on snowmobile

A Russian wanderer who has just returned from his solo trip to the Alaskan wilderness shared his video diary and a host of new tales with RT.
Vlad Minin, explorer, photographer and adventure journalist, went on a 3,000-kilometer trek across the permafrost to explore environmental and ethnographic tourism potential in polar areas.
The wanderer said that the biggest problem with walking across Alaska was that no visual clues can work.
“Alaska changes every single day,” Minin told RT. “You never know what it might be like tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”
The wilderness is not just filled with the wild weather – there are plenty of animals with claws and teeth. Minin, however, said an Alaska traveller does not need any arms.
“Native people told me I needn’t have brought a gun with me,” Minin said. “It was heavy and useless, because the bear is sleeping at that time of the year.”
Other animals do not seem to like the sound of Minin’s snowmobile.
“If you fight with nature, you die,” Minin believes. “Because nature has more power than you.”

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